Flat Rock Profile Trail Grandfather Mountain


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The Grandfather Mountain Profile Trail is a rugged and strenuous footpath that provides a payoff of incredible 360 degree views of the surrounding Blue Ridge peaks, ridges and valleys. For the artist, it is a study of textures, rich organic color, and the juxtaposition of alternating hard and soft shapes; rock amidst vegetation and vice versa. I enjoy this challenge while also trying to maintain the feeling of atmosphere present in this high place. Cool, slightly thinner air producing cooler and more neutralized color as we look into the distance. This piece is beautifully framed with a rich walnut Larson-Juhl molding with beaded inner edge. Glazed with Museum glass. This was my favorite work from the 2016 Group show at Blowing Rock Frameworks. Please use the Contact BTS menu button from the side bar to request more info or detail photos of this painting or framing.
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