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In the midst of doing a bit of research on the Eliot O’Hara and Ed Whitney relationship and the early era of the east coast watercolor scene, I came across this interesting 1988 publication by Susan M. Anderson on <ahref=””>Regionalism: The California View, Watercolors 1923-1945


The article is a bit heavy reading at first but eventually gets to the birth of what is commonly referred to as the California School of Watercolor due to the efforts of painters such as Phil Dike, Millard Sheets, Barse Miller, Paul Sample, Lee Blair, Phil Paradise and Hardie Gramatky…and many others. It also mentions the influence of Walt Disney Studios on Phil Dike (an employee). This era of colorful interpretive watercolor landscape seemed to take hold in the early 1930’s, a bit prior to the heyday of O’Hara’s Goose Rocks Maine School and well before Edgar Whitney’s primary watercolor years. One could infer that some of the California School watercolor energy & design focus made its way east to influence both of these fellows to some degree in their east coast painting and teaching? Any thoughts or comments Mr. Webb?

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  1. I'm so glad to have discovered Edgar's paintings. They are very inspirational to me. I try to paint watercolor but not quite like this. Hence, i gave your blog a "Creative Blogger Award'. Drop by my site to pick it up. Cheers!
    Ross Lynem

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