Whitney Memorabilia…

Frank Webb recently shared two pieces of Ed Whitney Memorabilia from his personal collection of letters and images. The first, a Whitney letter in which Ed espouses on the virtues of Aldous Huxley as the result of a book gifted by Frank. As anyone who has carefully read Whitney’s writings can attest (or viewed his bibliographies), Ed was a voracious reader and didn’t shy away from the deeper philosophical works. He not only “devoured” books, but dissected them, making sidebar notations of what he strongly agreed with, or vehemently contested!

The second, a 1974 workshop brochure inviting participants to Mexico (in January…sounds like a great idea!). Frank remarks that Carl Molno is responsible for the wonderful Whitney portrait on the brochure cover, “I believe that Carl Molno designed this. He was one of the most advanced of Ed’s students. I have always believed this to be the essential Ed. Many capable students drew or painted Ed, but this is the magnum opus.”

I love the Huxley quote that Ed refers to in his letter to Frank:

The quality of a mind was best proved by the pertinence of its analogies

As always, thanks Frank for sharing this with us.

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