Joe Miller's Linville River Brook Trout

Open Edition

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Is this a real Brook Trout or a Brook crossed with an alligator? Only Joe Miller knows for sure, but he came back from a fishing trip on the Linville River with a tracing of this monster. Obviously old and well fed, this demonstrates the diversity of what a trout can become! This piece is available in the original version with white background (see separate image) and this posterized print. The Giclee is certified with authentic artist's signature. The Accent is a smaller print with a watermark and digital signature. This is an Open Edition print.
GICLEE1974-002 16 1/2"w X 11" h unframed $125.00Add to Cart
GICLEE1974-001 22 1/2"w X 15" h unframed $250.00Add to Cart

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