Hound Ears Rocks

Open Edition

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This is a view of the rugged Hound Ears rocks mountainside from Buzzard's Roost. This painting is somewhat of a hybrid regarding technique, in that I used a saturated wet process for the foundation and then moved toward a traditional wet-on-dry paper approach to establish the detailed area. For some reason this rock profile reminds me of 3 masted sailing ship battling rough seas. There are certainly some shape and compositional similarities I suppose! The Giclee is certified with authentic artist's signature. The Accent is a smaller print with watermark and digital signature. This is an Open Edition print.
ACCENT1963 14 1/2"h x 10"w unframed $55.00Add to Cart
GICLEE1963-002 11 5/8"w X 16 15/16" h unframed $125.00Add to Cart
GICLEE1963-001 18"w X 26" h unframed $300.00Add to Cart

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