High Tide New River Valley

Open Edition

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A crisp and clear day in later autumn places the earth colors against the evergreens and the bones of the landscape are accentuated. A big sky with lots of quickly moving cumulus clouds added to the dynamic. No, the north fork of the New is hardly ocean like, but the overall feeling of wind, land and sky all in movement accounted for the title. The Giclee is certified and signature authentic. The Accent is a smaller print with watermark and digital signature. This is an Open Edition print.
ACCENT2006 13 5/8"w x 10"h unframed $55.00Add to Cart
GICLEE2006-002 15"w X 11" h unframed $125.00Add to Cart
GICLEE2006-001 21 3/4"w X 16" h unframed $250.00Add to Cart

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