Grandfather Sunset from Laurel Park

Edt. of 500 in 2 sizes

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This view of Grandfather Mountain from Laurel Park in Blowing Rock is one of the most spectacular I think, especially as the sun is setting. The water vapor rising from the John's River Gorge creates a soft lighting effect and a multitude of subtle colors. This was a large (26x40) landscape handled with a traditional wet to dry painting approach. This painting was my final commission (before retiring from them) completed at the request of Mrs. Tacky Vosburgh, my favorite "grande dame" of Blowing Rock! The Giclee is certified with authentic signature. This print is available in an Edition of 500 in 2 sizes.
GICLEE1970-002 17 5/8"w X 11 1/2" h unframed $125.00Add to Cart
GICLEE1970-001 25 7/8"w X 17" h unframed $275.00Add to Cart

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