Flame Azalea

Open Edition in 2 available sizes

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Watercolor florals have always posed a challenge for me and rarely am I completely happy with my results. It is easy to overwork a floral with too much detail. In my view, this degenerates the delicacy and soft nature of a flower and usually results in a static and lifeless interpretation. Working with watercolor master Cheng Khee Chee using the "saturated wet" lifting technique has provided me with much greater interest in capturing florals and botanicals with watercolor. The results are soft, loose and dynamic....often more of an abstraction. The Giclee is certified with authentic artist's signature. The Accent is a smaller print with watermark and digital signature. This is an Open Edition print.
GICLEE1966-002 11"w X 9.5" h unframed $85.00Add to Cart
GICLEE1966-001 20 7/8"w X 18" h unframed $225.00Add to Cart

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