The Last Great Wilderness – Lenny Kohm

Eagle River - Yukon, Lenny Kohm

Eagle River – Yukon, Lenny Kohm

A Tribute to Lenny Kohm (Nov 26, 1939 – Sept 25, 2014

Like many folks around Boone (and far beyond), I have thought a lot about the loss of our friend Lenny Kohm over this beautiful early fall weekend (Sept. 25, 2014). Lenny Kohm was many things to many people, and I won’t recount his multitude of accomplishments in life though I would encourage you to visit his page to hear witness to them. My first encounter with Lenny was through his photography, in the form of The Last Great Wilderness presentation many years ago (see description below). I was mesmerized and it left a lasting impact. His audience of local area high school students was also captivated, and I know for a fact that some of them took it upon themselves to get involved and find a way to help the cause. I am sharing one of my favorite photo’s from Lenny’s site (Eagle River, Yukon). I hope he would approve. Safe travels Lenny Kohm and many thanks.

“The Last Great Wilderness show is an interactive multi-media presentation depicting the threats facing the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge — home to the most spectacular and awe-inspiring gathering of wildlife in the United States. The presentation places participants on the tundra of the far northeastern corner of Alaska where oil development threatens the survival of 129,000 caribou, musk-oxen, dall sheep, polar bears, grizzlies, millions of migratory birds, and a subsistence Native American culture. Members of the Gwich’in Nation continue to practice their 20,000-year-old subsistence lifestyle in harmony with their sacred animal, the caribou. Both the caribou and this ancient culture will be irreparably impacted should oil development occur on the coastal plain of the Arctic Refuge.”

Watauga Democrat Tribute to Lenny Kohm

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