Wes’s “10 favorite Color Harmony Choices” handout (for download)

There is no shortage of information and “attack plans” when considering color choices that will contribute to both the Unity and Harmony design qualities of a painting. The more one can educate themselves about the nuances of color management the better. However, this can be an overwhelming task. I have charted my ten favorite approaches that help me ensure color harmony and help keep me on track once I have decided on the mood I hope to set with a painting. Remember, color choices most closely reflect emotions, and matching the approach with the mood I hope to set is important. I think of these choices as a quiver of arrows, and after considering my subject matter and the tone I hope to set carefully, I then only have to pick the proper arrow! Links to download the PDFs of these handouts are below the images.


color harmony handout 2

PDF Download Links: